Zúñiga Campos Abogados law firm was founded in 1994 by Francisco Zúñiga Urbina and Jaime Campos Quiroga, in order to deploy in a convergent way, the various specialties and career of its founders in the provision of legal services. Since its foundation, it has been gradually consolidating its presence as a high standard law firm to assume the most complex challenges to which they are confronted in the broad field of law, both enterprises and private corporations as well as organs of the State Administration.

Zúñiga Campos Abogados, as a law firm is an association of founding attorneys, partners attorneys, associate attorneys, counselor lawyers and young professionals of excellence, that display their specialties and trajectories in legal advice as well as litigation in the civil, criminal, arbitral, tax and customs, environmental, public procurement, antitrust, administrative, electoral and constitutional courts.

For its legal rigor and impendence of its lawyers, the law firm is required to issue Law Reports. Our recognized areas of specialization are the following: Economic Public Law, Environmental Law and Natural Resources, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Tax Law, Mining Law, Procedural Law and Criminal Law.

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Also, in the private sector, we advise companies in regulated economic activities in the energy, telecommunications, transportation and health sectors. The permanent structure of the firm is complemented by an extensive network of collaboration with law firms that are part of the Pragma international network, as well as firms from all regions of the country and independent correspondents with law firms in the US, Spain, the Eurozone, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Uruguay.


COORDINATOR: Francisco Zúñiga Urbina

E-mail: fzuniga@zcabogados.cl

In those areas, the firm provides judicial and extrajudicial services, especially for Ordinary Courts (Courts of Appeal, Supreme Court) and Special courts, such as, the Constitutional Court, the Court of Electoral Justice, the Court of Defense of Free Competition, the Court of Accounts, the Public Procurement Court, also provides legal services before the agencies of the State Administration.

In addition, among the services provides, the study issue law reports, provides legislative and regulatory advice, legal advice to public institutions, among others.

COORDINATOR: Enrique Sepúlveda Rodriguez

Email: esepulveda@zcabogados.cl

In this area, the study is required to provide legal advice to various State Administrative agencies and public and private companies, in both the regulated markets as well as the public services.

Likewise, among the services provides, the study issue law reports, legal advice to public institutions, also provides legislative and regulatory advice, among others.

COORDINATOR: Francisco Saavedra Galleguillos

Email: fsaavedra@zcabogados.cl

In this area, the firm is required to provide advisory services in different issues, such as operations of projects financing, syndicated credits, liabilities restructuring and capital raising. Also, the corporative consultancy provide by the firm is related to various aspects and legal needs of the clients, providing an integral service in contractual matters, companies foundation and restructuration, review and analysis of titles and documents, among others.

This include a permanent legal advice regarding investment and commercial procurement decisions, from the day-to-day-aspects to extraordinary issues of great complexity and the application of the laws that regulate them. In the same way, the corporative counseling includes the client representation before the authorities as well as their relations with natural and legal persons.

COORDINATOR: María Celeste Angulo Sandoval

Email: celesteangulo@zcabogados.cl

The tax area of the legal firm provides an integral advice, at both, corporative and personal level, guiding the client to an adequate determination and fulfillment of their tax obligations, in harmony with the current legislation, implementing tax optimization strategies and economic options in the development and reorganization of their businesses.

Also, in the case of tax contingencies, includes the representation of the client before the administrative authorities, especially the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the judicial defense before the Tributary and Customs Courts and the Superior Courts of Justice, having a vast and solid experience in administrative and judicial impugnment against tax assessments.

The consultancy in this area includes assistance in foreign investment, application of its legal status in Chile, the agreements concluded to avoid double taxation and analysis of its tax effects.

COORDINATOR: Eduardo Ugarte Díaz.

Email: eugarte@zcabogados.cl

This area incorporates services related to all kinds of civil and labor litigation, both in ordinary and special procedures, in all instances of the procedure, from the extrajudicial and prejudicial counseling until the compliance of the sentenced.

In addition, within the area are incorporate services related with arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, legal negotiation, as well as the bringing of collective actions according to special laws.

COORDINATOR: Andrés Álvarez Piñones

Email: aalvarez@zcabogados.cl

Services of experts and specialists in environmental law, natural resources, health law, procedural law and administrative law, which allows an integral approach for the environmental litigation in administrative courts and ordinary courts of justice, essential approach for the litigation in the New Environmental Courts. Also, it has a vast experience in constitutional remedies.

In addition, the firm provides legal advice about environmental and natural resources regulation as well as clean production and Clean Production Agreements under a public-private partnership approach.

COORDINATOR: Francisco Saavedra Galleguillos

Email: fsaavedra@zcabogados.cl

The firm provides an integral legal advice in mining development projects, including the drafting of contracts and partnerships, legal advice to national and international investors, the evaluation of possible environmental and social implications of the projects, and the constitution of water rights and of exploration and exploitation mining concessions.

COORDINATOR: Enrique Aldunate Esquivel

Email: ealdunate@zcabogados.cl

Services in criminal proceedings of all kinds, from the stage of investigation before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, until the representation before the justice courts, including within said representation, issues related to the prevention and defense of the civil and criminal liability of legal persons derivate from their crimes. Its members also defend the interest of natural and legal persons subject to administrative measures of a punitive aspect.

COORDINATOR: Carlos Urquieta Salazar

e-mail: curquieta@zcabogados.cl

Advising and representation in protection of IP assets; registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models, layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits, designation of origins and geographical indications, both in Chile and abroad; copyright and related rights protection, genetic resources, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions; plant varieties protection, health registers, advertising and Image rights.

Legal advice to technological innovation projects in all its stages: R&D, protection of research results and exploitation. Economic valuation of intellectual assets. Contracts in field of R&D, IP Rights, licenses, franchises and distribution.

Actions and defenses regarding IP law infractions and protection against unfair competition.

COORDINATOR: Rodrigo Silva Montes

e-mail: rsilva@zcabogados.cl

This area incorporates all the services linked to commercial litigations and those that could verifie in arbitration headquarters.

Within this area are include the commercial negotiation and the use of alternative dispute resolutions of commercial order.


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Pragma is an international network of law firms established in January 2001. It resulted from the aspirations shared by four European law firms from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. aving worked together for over ten years, it was decided to set up Pragma to advise individuals and companies in the context of the increasing globalisation of business relations. Pragma differs from many other law networks having only one law office or one law network per country. Currently, Pragma has 48 law offices in 17 countries with a turnover of more than 100 million Euros


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Estados Unidos

Despacho de Abogados “Williams Mullen Christian & Dobbins Attorneys & Counselor At Law”, The Farragut Building 900 17Th Street, N.W., Suite 700, Washington D.C., Office, in Richmond, Washington D.C., London.

Tel.: (202) 293.02.13
Fax:(202) 293.5939.
e-mail: jreyna@wmcd.com

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Estudio Juan Fernando Armagnague, P. Molina Nº 249, Piso 4, oficina 5, 5500, Mendoza.

Tel. (54) (0261) 429.6191

Estudio “Las Heras, Kelly, Eidelstein & Carreras” Cerrito 866, Piso 9º, Buenos Aires.

Tel. (5411) 5.353.51.00
Fax (5411) 5.356.8492.


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Costa Rica

Estudio Gutierrez, Hernández & Pauly, Calle 21, Avenidas 6 y 8, Nº 630. Apdo. Postal 1571 – 1000, San José.

Tél.: (506) 258 – 2270
Fax: (506) 256 6603

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Estudio Flores – Araoz Abogados, Av. José Gálvez Barrenechea 200 (Corpac), Lima 27, Perú

Tél: (051 – 1) 224 2773
Fax: 224 2723

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Abogado señor Eduardo G. Esteva Gallicchio, Gianelli 1460 (11800) Montevideo

Tél: (598 – 2) 924 7620
Fax: 924 3482
e-mail: eestevag@adinet.com.uy

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Rodríguez Azuero Contexto Legal Abogados. Calle 75 Nº 3-53, Bogotá

Tel: (+571) 3218910

Calle 11B Nº 41-53, Medellín

Tel: (+574) 6040433


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Estudio “Marcelo Figueiredo Advogados Associados”, Rua Michigan, 293, Broklin 04566-0000, Sao Paulo


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Integral Legal Management, S.L. Dra. Belén Escuder Tella – Calle Cirilo Amoros, 58-2-46004 Valencia

Tel. +34963942216

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España y Europa

Arpa Abogados Consultores Fuenterrabía 11 – 5º A 20005, San Sebastían, Guipúzcoa

Tel. 943 42 27 74
e-mail: itizar.caballero@arpa.es



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